What is so special about sitka spruce?


Originating from the west coast of Canada and Alaska, sitka spruce has been, due to its resilience in coastal climate, planted extensively in the coastal regions of western Norway.


Earlier regarded as a key component in expanding the area and volume of Norway's timber production, the material is today deemed inferior to Norwegian spruce because of its low density. Though research shows that Sitka spruce is as strong as Norwegian spruce, in fact, sitka spruce has one of the highest strength/weight-ratios of all wooden materials.


In addition to this sitka spruce poses a major threat to the coastal flora as it is expanding rapidly outside of controlled areas, and imposing on the natural habitat of several endangered plant species.


Taking into account both environmental and production factors, and the intrinsic properties of solid sitka spruce wood, one could argue that applying sitka spruce in a piece of furniture produced in Norway would be very beneficial.


What do you mean by open source?

Google it. No but seriously, we at Mykin really want to contribute to spread the word about the possibillities of a sustainable future. Open source means that we give away the blueprints (not actually blue) of our designs for free to inspire you guys to get out there and try to build stuff. Because we truly believe that by building stuff you get a better perspective on quality and the intrinsic value of a well made object. 


Can anyone build your stuff?

Sure! It may be difficult and frustrating, but we believe in you! And it is definitely worth it in the end. 

Can anyone buy your stuff? 

Sure! It may be expensive, but we believe in you! And it is definitely worth it in the end.